Our story

We strive to create a bespoke experience for your Guests; whether it’s a twist on a classic or delivering something you could never have imagined possible.


Visionaries in our field

As visionaries in our field, our talents lie not only in our creativity but in our attention to detail. Before your food reaches you, every member of staff will be checked, quizzed and rechecked. Our kitchens are managed with almost military precision; a characteristic you may not naturally associate with such imaginative design. Our diverse team of talented and dedicated staff ensures that we deliver every aspect of your event with the same level of excellence.

Creating perfection

Our team of chefs, led by our Internationally trained Culinary Director, create exquisite dishes that creates the experience of ‘The Theatre of Food’ for your Guests. We like to think of our relationships between our chefs, our event team and you; as a collaboration. We work with you, using our knowledge of food logistics and your venue, combined with your vision for your event.

Management team

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Industry bodies and associations

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Proudly supporting

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Sustainability, ethics and social enterprise

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We’re here to help elevate your catering with a passion for attention to detail and flawless delivery so you can create memorable moments.